‌Presentation – Uni Strength

You are demanding with yourself, we are with our equipment. You take care of your body by adopting a strong sporting discipline where surpassing oneself is necessary.

Your equipment must meet the same requirements: Quality, safety, performance.


Our company was created by a bodybuilding enthusiast who was looking for equipment that met these expectations, technical safety at an affordable price. This could not be found in France.

We designed Uni Strength to no longer have to compromise between quality or budget and to make quality products accessible in France to a majority of practitioners.


All of our products meet this sole objective, to allow you to be more efficient, more muscular, in complete safety, while respecting your budget.


Our UF-1 Zero Gap bench is a perfect illustration of this approach. It is innovative, by the absence of space between the backrest and the seat for a more secure positioning during your exercises. It is versatile, used as a flat bench, incline, decline, or as an abs board. It is very efficient, it facilitates progress in the best conditions thanks to its narrow front foot. Its great stability, its wide and ultra-grip backrest will allow you to be positioned to allow you to lift as heavy as possible to maximize your muscle gains and your strength.