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UF Calibrated Plates

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Calibrated discs combine absolute precision and durability! Our discs are built to last with a weight tolerance of 10g thanks to calibration weights. Colors to IPF standards, ideal for training and competition. These calibrated steel discs are made of cast iron by fusion with the "sand mold" technique, allowing the plates to obtain a microporous...

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Olympic precision weights

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Every range matters when you are going through a progression cycle or trying to hit a personal record. With these weights, you can gradually increase your loads starting from 125g and keep progressing!

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Uni Strength Safety Squat Bar


Work your quadriceps and posterior chain while saving your shoulders!

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SSB (Safety Squat Bar) allows for a hybrid movement between the High Bar Squat and Front Squat, emphasizing the work of the quadriceps and upper back muscles. The SSB allows for practicing this movement without shoulder stress and comfortably.

The bar has a curvature optimized for maximizing stability on your back, allowing for the practice of the Hatfield Squat.

The high-quality monobloc pad features ultra-dense foam for optimal comfort and to limit bar movement on your back (unlike bars with 3-part pads).

Bars equipped with bearings are ideal for the practice of the Good Morning.

Possibility to change the handles:

Classic: Short handles (included with the "without" handles version)

Long: Hands away from your body (included with the "with" handles version)

Chains: our favorite for a stricter execution (avoids making the movement easier by pushing the handles upwards, included with the "with" handles version)

Without handles: JM Press

Exercises with our SSB:

Squat: bar usable in both directions (emphasizing/reducing quadriceps/posterior chain work)

Hatfield Squat

Good Morning


Sissy Squat

JM Press


Length: 220 cm

32 mm diameter

Weight: 21.5 kg

Capacity of 660 kg: 190,000 PSI

Olympic sleeves


Curvature: 22°

Black Zinc handle coating / Zinc sleeve

Chain handle weight: 1.8 kg

Classic handle weight: 1.1 kg

Long handle weight: 2.7 kg

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Uni Strength Safety Squat Bar

Uni Strength Safety Squat Bar

Work your quadriceps and posterior chain while saving your shoulders!

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